Mirai Akita (Vo,Gt)

Kantaro Kometani (Gt)

Yusei Yoshida (Dr)


2015年結成。1st Single『bedside』, 1st EP『nightlife EP』を発売したのち、

台湾でのライブを成功させ、Japanese Breakfast, The Bilinda Butchersのゲストアクトを務める。

2018年8月、FLAKE SOUNDSより初の全国流通EP『Still Dreaming, Still Deafening』をリリース。伴って、映像ディレクターPennackyのディレクションの元、収録曲から「Unreachable」のMVを公開した。


2019年2月、自主企画”Wearing The Inside Out”を開催。これまでに、Turnover, Japanese Breakfast, Nothing, I Mean Us, Tigers Jaw等多くの海外アーティストのゲストアクトに抜擢され、今後も国内外での活躍が期待される。





Japanese shoegaze band, Yuragi blends a beauty of silence and dynamic noise sound into their new album, "Still Dreaming, Still Deafening" released from FLAKE SOUNDS in 2018. Violent boldness and delicate sensitivity are combined well together in their music. Their dramatic sound is filled with a lot of pureness resisted to be drown in today’s sell-out music market. All of their songs were born from the passion for their enthusiastic musical expression. When hearing their layered unique floating melodies, They might be easily categorized as a "shoegaze" band. However, they don’t care about their genre nor what their music is called. This new album, “Still Dreaming, Still Deafening” is created by their natural musical desires, and they look the worldwide music scene beyond the Japanese market.


They’ve already toured in Taiwan, and have supported the international artists’ Japan tour like Turnover, Japanese Breakfast, Nothing, I Mean Us, Tigers Jaw, The Bilinda Butchers, and Lazyeyes.